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Cool companion fit for simplifying the journey

Our Vision

Jescher is a way of pronouncing the word Gesture in English. Jescher / Gesture wants to convey a certain message in every product it makes by binding each individual to feel a distinctive and special experience.

Sweet memories were created. It is determined by small choices. Like milk chocolate, Jescher sandals are ready to perfect the taste of your journey to ensure you have the best time in your best moments.

Our Mision

So much energy and time spent for us to keep improving. Our main concern is to make products that are comfortable and easy to use with the spirit to keep up with the fashion. 

Having idealism can be fluid and flexible. You have to go with the flow
That doesn’t mean you don’t have a strong stance; on the contrary, your strong characters will reflect on what shapes you fit into.
Jescher comes with a challenge to answer your need to stay updated.
We will always have our own ways.

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