We are located located in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

We’re here to help you step into the world of refined elegance with Jescher Line. Renowned for our unique silhouette in backless shoes, sandals, and slippers, each crafted from the finest full-depth leather, we bring a touch of luxury to every stride. Inspired by the gesture-like fluidity in design, our creations reflect a blend of sophistication and comfort. Located in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, we are always ready to assist you in finding the perfect fit or answering any inquiries you might have. Connect with us at Jescher Line, where every shoe is a journey in style and craftsmanship.

Jl. Kopo Permai I Blk. MM No.22, Sayati, Kec. Margahayu, Kabupaten Bandung, Jawa Barat 40227

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+62 818 8 57247 (JSCHR)